Custom Engineered Cranes

Capacity:   All capacities
Service:   All applicable CMAA Classes
Environment:   Indoors (Outdoors, Corrosive, Dirty, and Hazardous Available)
Types:   Top Running Single or Multi- Box Girder, Lattice Girders, Gantries, with Special Configurations using Single and Multiple Trolley Hoists.
Hoists:   Piedmont PE (See Literature) and CE (See Literature) Hoists to meet all specifications, duty and environmental requirements. All with Closed loop Encoders, Parallel Shaft Helical Reducers with carburized gears, and AGMA 10 or better gear sets. CE trolleys are fully decked.
Bridge Motors/Brakes:   Base or Flange, Mounted with a continuous duty rating, class "F or H" insulation, thermostats and Shoe or Disc brake sized per individual application.
Trolley:   Modified Pre-Engineered and Application based Custom Engineered Trolley Hoists, Rotating axle, Lifting Lugs, Customer may choose component brands.
End Trucks:   Structural or Fabricated Tube Truck with Hardened Alloy Steel wheels from blanks or forged. Rotating axles supported by spherical roller bearings in PHC MCB capsule.
Bridge/Trolley Drives:   SA-1, A-4, or 2X A-4 CMAA Drive Configurations. Base or Shaft mounted helical, parallel shaft gear reducer with carburized minimum AGMA 10, with base or flange mounted shoe or disc brake.


Limit Switches:   Each Piedmont hoist is provided with a weight-operated upper and a rotary upper and lower limit. Over-capacity protection is provided through the Variable Frequency drive. Load cell protection is optional.
Lower Block:   Heavy, one-piece steel weldment. Sheaves are enclosed and fully guarded for added operator safety. A spring-loaded safety latch is also provided.
Sustainability:   Most components readily available directly from component manufacturer. Original equipment numbers supplied.
Controls: Standards:   Piedmont hoists, bridge and trolley controls are UL 585 certified. CMAA, OSHA, CMAA, ANSI, NFPA, IEEE, ASME, AIST, AGMA regulations.
Options:   Radio control, horns, strobe lights, operation indicators, lights, fall protection and walkways, auxiliary hoists, hardened drums and sheaves, centralized lube systems, outdoor & hazardous locations, weigh systems, power-limit switches, base-mount design, stainless wire rope, rotating and multi hook hoists, rotating and special lower blocks, anti-sway reeving and controls, operator cabs and pulpits, mill-duty brakes, hook rotation locks, hydraulic bumpers, custom forged hooks, hand railings, coupling guards, and below hook devices such as grabs, buckets, spreaders, & magnets, semi and full automation, anti-skew, level indication, factory automation interface, programmable load summing and positioning controls. Below the hook rotation and clamping lifters.