Overhead Crane and Hoist Service Center

New Equipment Installation

Experience, supervision, training, and the right equipment are the cornerstones of every successful installation.

Piedmont Hoist & Crane is proud of its reputation for on-time and on-budget projects that perform as expected from the beginning. We supplement our technicians with skilled tradesmen from leading millwright sub-contractors throughout your region and back up these teams with experienced project managers.

OSHA Inspection

OSHA (CFR-29 §1910.179) requires industries to implement a safety and maintenance program for all overhead hoisting equipment.

Piedmont Hoist’s inspection and preventive maintenance program will not only help you in complying with these OSHA regulations, but will also make your operation more cost-effective. Well-maintained equipment increases productivity and safety by reducing equipment “down” time and operator injury.

Service & Repair

The need for dependable overhead crane service and quality hoist repairs is more evident than it has ever been before, due to the current industry trend of reducing or eliminating in-house overhead crane maintenance departments.

Piedmont Hoist & Crane is committed to bridging this gap by meeting the rapidly increasing need for dependable outside overhead crane maintenance with a high level of workmanship and affordable cost that you and your company can count on every single time.

System Modernization

Completely replacing outdated equipment can be cost-prohibitive. The next best solution? Modernize the equipment that you already have. We have the ability to improve reliability, safety, and performance on your current overhead crane and hoist by adding new technology, without the cost of replacing every single component.

Piedmont Hoist offers a full line of products featuring the latest and safety advancements. Completely replacing outdated equipment may be your best choice. This is dependent on many factors, some of which are: aging, availability of parts, cost of parts, and suitability to your current production needs. However, sometimes your best choice is to modernize the equipment you already have.

Operator Training

Training has become a very important, and frequently requested, requirement in today’s overall facility safety program, due to the complexity of modern hoists, overhead cranes, and components and is a requirement of OSHA.

Properly trained overhead crane and hoist operators contribute to reduced “down” time and accidents, leading to increased productivity and profitability. In response to this growing need, Piedmont Hoist & Crane has developed a notable, comprehensive, operator responsibility and safety training program.

Warranty Center

Piedmont Hoist is an Authorized Warranty Repair Center for most major hoist, overhead crane, and component manufacturers—including, but not limited to, the following:

  • CM Hoists
  • Coffing Hoists
  • Conductix
  • Detroit Hoist
  • Duct-O-Wire
  • Gorbel
  • Harrington Hoists
  • Little Mule
  • Magnetek
  • Shaw Box
  • TC American
  • Yale Hoists

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