Crane System Modernization

Modernize Your Current System

Completely replacing outdated overhead crane and hoist equipment can be cost-prohibitive at any time, but it can be cost-impossible in a down economy. The next best solution? Modernize the equipment that you already have. We have the ability to improve reliability, safety, and performance on your current equipment by adding new technology and components without the inflated cost of replacing every single component.

Authorized Distributor

Piedmont Hoist is an authorized distributor for all of the major manufacturers in the hoist and overhead crane industry, allowing us to offer a full line of products featuring the latest and most advanced technology that can help to completely modernize your facility’s equipment. These products include Variable Frequency Controls, Soft-Starts, Remote Radio Controls, Push Button Stations, Festoon, Magnetic Lifters, Air-Powered Hoists, Electric Hoists, Air-Powered Trolleys, Electric Trolleys, Combined Trolley and Hoist Controls, Conductor Bar, etc.

DIY Overhead Crane System Modernization?

Doing the installation yourself? Visit our online store for competitively priced overhead cranes, hoists and components.

Request a System Modernization Quote

Not sure what you may need? Or think you need a hand on the installation? Request a quote online, email us, or call us at 888-845-5646 to speak with a member of our sales team, and they will be happy to help you assess your needs, and if necessary, schedule an installation.

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