Crane Service & Repair

Reduced In-House Maintenance

The need for dependable service and quality overhead crane repairs is more evident than it has ever been before, due to the current industry trend of reducing or eliminating in-house maintenance departments. Visit our CraneRx section to learn more on inspections.

Bridging the Gap

Piedmont Hoist & Crane is here for you and is committed to bridging this gap by meeting the rapidly increasing need for dependable outside maintenance with a high level of workmanship and affordable cost that you, your company, and your equipment operators can count on every single time.
Promptness and affordability are the two primary goals of our service technicians, whether responding to a service call in the field or making repairs in our fully equipped repair shop. And most importantly, our work is always backed by a 90-day warranty on all parts AND labor.

24-Hour Emergency Service

As a single-source supplier, we offer 24-hour emergency service to our customers with our Certified Repair Technicians. We require our technicians to attend hours of OSHA and Manufacturer Training yearly to provide you with the most knowledgeable technicians available in the area.

Schedule a Service Appointment

To schedule a service or repair, call us today at 888-845-5646, or submit a Service Request online.

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