Crane Operator Training

Operator Safety Program

Training has become a very important and frequently requested service in today’s overall facility safety program. Most would be surprised about how many unsafe situations can exist with your overhead material-handling equipment and operators. Properly trained operators contribute to reduced “down” time and accidents, leading to increased productivity and profitability. In response to this growing need, Piedmont Hoist & Crane has developed the region’s most comprehensive operator safety training program.

Operator Classroom Training

These are the classroom training topics covered:

  • Crane Terminology
  • Safe Operating Video
  • Do’s & Don’ts for Cranes & Hoists
  • OSHA Required Inspections
  • Daily Operator Checklist
  • Discussion of Damaged Items/Crane Signals

Safety Training Certificate

Each student will receive a Safety Training Certificate from Piedmont Hoist & Crane, after review of the test material, and an Operator Handbook that includes: Crane Operator Manual, Rigging Manual, and Daily Operator Checklist

Schedule an Operator Training Class

To schedule an Operator Training Class, call us today at 888-845-5646, or schedule a class online.

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