Crane Inspections

Prevent Expensive Accidents

You may have the best-trained, most safety-conscious operators, but if your overhead cranes and hoists are not properly inspected and maintained, you could suffer expensive failures and accidents that could be prevented.

Overhead Crane Safety & Maintenance Program

OSHA (CFR-29 §1910.179) requires industries to implement a safety/maintenance program for all overhead hoisting equipment. PH&C’s Inspections and Preventive Maintenance will not only assist you in complying with these OSHA regulations, but will also make your operation more cost-effective. Well-maintained overhead cranes and hoists have proven to increase productivity and job site safety by reducing equipment “down” time and operator injury.

Periodic Inspections

OSHA (CFR-29 §1910.179) outlines the general requirements for daily, monthly, and periodic crane and hoist inspections. Written documentation is required for both monthly and periodic inspections. The periodic (or annual) inspections are to be thorough and should be performed by technicians who have been properly trained. Piedmont Hoist & Crane’s technicians are trained and certified. For more on overhead crane inspections, visit our CraneRX section.

Certified Technicians

For a thorough inspection by Factory-Certified Technicians, each with over 2000 hours of training, contact Piedmont Hoist & Crane today.

Schedule Your Periodic Safety Inspection

You can email us to Schedule an Overhead Crane Inspection online, or call us at 888-845-5646.

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